Compliance By Design can provide your company with a wide array of specialist services
  • Act
  • Regulation
  • Standards
  • Guidance Note
  • Codes of Practice

Compliance with regulatory requirements can be a complex task for any business and can also be a vitally important criteria that is often overlooked.

Don’t loose focus on running your business, the work can be performed rather seamlessly during your day to day operations. Let Compliance By Design help you stay compliant.

  • System Development, Implementation & Maintenance
  • Risk Studies (HAZOP, HAZID, Safety in Design)
  • Risk Facilitation
  • Contractor Management

Risk studies performed for all phases, from pre-feasibility, through to and including operations. It is important to realise and control the risks in a project and or workplace and Compliance By Design can provide these specialised services to you.

Don’t let that uncontrolled or unidentified risk be a burden to your business.

  • Policies
  • Plans
  • Procedures
  • Fitness For Work
  • Health Surveillance
  • Job Step Analysis
  • Safe Work Method Statements

A system of work can be “simple in complexity” or it may be “complex due to simplicity”. Let Compliance By Design help you get your system “fit for purpose”.

We can create or review systems or whole or in part.

  • Accreditation Requirements
  • Independent Evaluations
  • Workplace Inspections
  • Guarding Audits

Audits whether desktop evaluation or effectiveness in the workplace, we can provide the services you require. From pre-accreditation through to workplace evaluation.

Compliance By Design has previously provided auditing services to clients, both locally and globally.

  • Training Package Development
  • Facilitation of Formal Learning Sessions
  • Training & Assessing
  • Mentoring & Coaching

These are some of the services Compliance By Design can provide to your company, from the development and implementation of induction packages through to the design and rollout of technical training documents.

Facilitation of Lessons Learned workshops, these are an often overlooked integral part of any project that is a nessacery learning tool to actively progress your company and staff forward in acheiving goals.

Mid level Managers and Supervisors often have the most difficulty dealing with emploees and need a level of mentoring and coaching that is often overlooked. We can help with a “hands-on” approach to this problem.

Our people have provided training services globally and have gained accreditation with the International Board of Certified Trainers.

  • Incident
  • Lost Time Injury
  • Disability
  • Fatality

Incidents regrettably do happen at the workplace and are the result of an uncontrolled event.

Incidents no matter how large or small, require a degree of investigation to understand how and why they have occurred, as an incident will not only interrupt your business, but can also harm personnel and damage equipment.

It is often in a companies best interests to get an investigation performed by an independent source. Compliance By Design can provide incident investigation up to the level of ICAM methodology and have performed independent investigations throughout Australia and the Globe.